Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Retail sale:

We accept Credit Cards by paypal only at this time. Due to paypal terms and conditions we need to follow some rules. Most important:

- Buyer may be asked to show photo ID


- VALID PHONE NUMBER (in paypal and store must be the same)

- Only international buyers may have unconfirmed address but for all USA buyers this is mandatory (sorry no exceptions)

Easiest and fastest way to buy is to send us your own picture with identification, means You + ID on same picture. For security you can blackout any serial numbers from ID.

All buyers from all around the world may be called and asked 1 easy question which supposed to be understand by everyone, no exceptions.

If you wish to expedite the verification process you can TEXT us from your paypal registered phone number only (make sure is not private ) to: 001 (813)618-5173 , a short massage: order number + last name.

Once we will be online we will verify all information we received from you and depends of them we will either contact you or just send the product digitally to your paypal registered email address.

Returns: We stay behind everything we sell. Due to nature of digital products all sales are final, as-is, where-is but since we keep copies of the cards or physical cards in the system in case of typo error contact us as soon as possible to correct it. Also we upon request we will provide scanned copy or real photo of the product you purchased along the proof of activation. We sell same products from 2004 and this means you have to be assure you will get what you pay for without the hassle from any Country on The Earth ;) Have a nice day!

Wholesale sale: Contact Us for more info please.....

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